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Have you ever wanted to read GAIA's entire manga-style storyline from beginning to end without having to follow a bunch of misplaced links?
Did you have a tough time following or finding Gaia Online's manga archive?
Or do you just wanted a simplier interface with a different layout? Or perhaps you actually want to know the dates comics were posted?
If that's the case, then you've come to the right place. I have always wanted to read GAIA's beautiful manga storyline from beginning to end, all on one page, without having to hunt through the Gaia Community Discussion forum to see if I missed anything inbetween.

On your right is the T.O.C., or Table of Contents.
It lists each storyline so far. The images(2004, 2005, etc.) list what year the comic page was originally posted in. Under each year, are the seperate comic updates.
Any listings with an asterisk(*) before the name are excluded from chronological reading. You must access them directly from the TOC menu.
Also, most comics prior to 2007 have different names from the ones present in Gaia's Newsroom. After 2007, some comics have been renamed to avoid potential spoilers. These naming conventions are only applicable to the TOC, however. At the bottom of each comic page it will display the GCW given name and the Gaia-given name of each chapter (if applicable).

Clicking any of the links will bring you to the first comic page of that storyline update. Under each page, there is a toolbar:

[ ]    [ < ]   |   [ > ]    [ ]
[ ] will take you to the first page of the previous chapter (storyline update) you are on. For example, if you're on April Fool's Day 2005, pressing this will take you to the first page of the Christmas 2004 chapter.
[ < ] goes back one page. (if you're on page 3, it takes you to page 2)
[ > ] moves one page forward. (If on page 4, you go to page 5)
[ ] will take you to the first page of the next storyline update. In example, if you're on Christmas 2004, you will go to April Fool's Day page 1.

Conversely, on the righthand side, as already stated, is the TOC. If at any time you want to get back to this page, all you have to do is click the "T.O.C." image. Under the TOC image are two symbols:

goes back to the very first comic page Gaia created.
goes to the most recent page Gaia came out with. The last page I have put onto the site.

The GCW and its subpages are managed by the Gaian user Bornes. If you have any questions, comments, or experience any errors, please PM Bornes, and he'll get to it as soon as possible.
When reporting an error, make sure to say exactly what you did to get to the error, what the error said (If anything), and what browser you're using.
Also, Bornes does not take random friends requests. Please don't bother; they'll be ignored. The PM Inbox is always open, however.